Event Options

D.I.Y. Event Kit

We produce it, you present it!

The D.I.Y. Event Kit allows maximum flexibility for you to present a full-blown Talewise event, whether it's in-person at your location or virtually. From advertising to activities, we provide everything you’ll need — including a built-in interactive host to guide the audience on their learning adventure!

The Event Kit can be used three ways:
At Your Location
Schedule a date and time for everyone to watch the show together at your location. The kit comes with instructions to set up stations around the room for exciting, hands-on activities and experiments.

On Zoom
Schedule a date and time for everyone to log into a Zoom meeting. Then screen-share the show from your computer for everyone to watch at the same time — wherever they are!

Schedule a date and time to premiere the show online! When the big day arrives, post or share the direct link to the show. Your organization or community can watch whenever they want, wherever they want, and as much as they want! 
We understand your needs and restrictions may change, so we designed the Event Kit so you can seamlessly transition between at your location, on Zoom and on-demand.

Your Event Kit includes:

  • Unlimited access to the show
  • Built-in interactive host
  • Event Success Guide
  • Advertising materials
  • Activities and worksheets
  • Science experiment stations - instructions and shopping list
  • Recommended book list


  • Built-in interactive host.
  • Advertising materials to promote the event
  • Activities, experiments, and recommended book list
  • Easily converts to a virtual event
  • Experiment supply list included

Price: $150

Shows in this option

  • Aliens: Escape from Earth
  • Mummy at Mystery Mansion
  • Dragons: Return of the Ice Sorceress
  • Earth Day: Revenge of the Toxic Robot (April 2021)
  • Unicorns: Break the Cage (Summer 2021)

The Breakdown


Have the event at your location, on Zoom, or premiere it online!

Budget Friendly

Loaded with value and won't wipe out your budget.


From advertising to activities, we've got you covered.


Seamlessly transitions from in-person to virtual, or vice versa.

Built-In Host

Interactive host is built right in. Just press play and let them guide the way!

Replay Value

With unlimited access to the show, you can have your event multiple times.

Live Virtual Event

We host it live, remotely!

With our live virtual show, your community or organization can enjoy our show together at the same time — even if they aren’t in the same room!

At the scheduled date and time, everyone signs into a secure Zoom meeting, where your live host is waiting to greet you and interact with the audience. The host guides the children along on their learning adventure by leading critical thinking discussions, connecting the story to the science lessons, and getting everyone up and moving with fun, physical brain breaks. Your host will even teach everyone a bonus science experiment that they can do themselves!

After the show, the audience will be directed to our online Kids' Club, where they can access additional science videos, trivia, activities and more experiments to try at home.


  • Live interactive host
  • Hosted through Zoom
  • Access to show bonus content (activities, videos, experiments and more)
  • Educator resources (study guides, worksheets, vocabulary and more)

Price: $250

Shows in this option

  • Aliens: Escape from Earth
  • Mummy at Mystery Mansion
  • Dragons: Return of the Ice Sorceress
  • Earth Day: Revenge of the Toxic Robot (April 2021)
  • Unicorns: Break the Cage (Summer 2021)

The Breakdown

Live Host

Our live host interacts with the audience throughout the show.

Safe & Secure

Multiple levels of security to ensure everyone enjoys the show safely.

Shared Experience

Watch together at the same time, even if you can't be in the same room.

Replay Value

Includes access to the show. Watch again or share with those who couldn't attend.

Bonus Experiment

The host teaches everyone a science experiment to do at home!

Kids' Club

Free access to bonus videos, activities, puzzles, experiments and more!

Live In-Person Event

 COVID-19 Update

For the safety of our audience members and performers, in-person shows will return for Fall 2021 in limited areas. We are continuing to expand our selection of on-demand and virtual shows. Check out our Catalog